This website was created as a testimony to my passion and commitment to children and their families.  Khyra has inspired me to see our world as a place where together we can make a difference. The challenges we face can guide the needed change in our lives. Our community is in need of support for our children with disabilities to highlight creative ways that practice inclusion.  Bear Care was first created by me many years ago as a daycare in my home. Over the years,  it has transformed into a business that helps support a child with Complex Medical Needs.

Khyra was born into a world that wasn’t prepared for her.  We live in a society that is driven by policies and politics, oftentimes our families and children get lost in the shuffle.  This Bear Care website provides a space where educators, families, siblings, and healthcare providers can connect, share, find resources, strategies and supports. Moreover, it provides educators with useable and practical resources for their classrooms that is centred on creating an inclusive educational setting for ALL students.  It is a website created on the motto of  “Make It Count”.

Khyra has overcome so many obstacles, and yet every morning she still wakes up with a smile on her face.  It is a truly humbling experience.  It isn’t always easy to ask for help. Just as Khyra teaches us with her smile every morning, it takes courage, strength and determination to take on life’s challenges. We are asking you for support, so that we can keep our girl at home while she struggles with medical needs. She lives in a community where supports are limited. In addition to this, it is important that we also find some needed quality of life for our family.  However, we understand that helping is also about reciprocity.Therefore, we want to give back to our community.  This website will go on to support families, siblings, educators and health care providers.  Through community collaboration, we will create a web page that people can access and obtain quality, experiential, and researched information to support them in their own life’s journeys. Thank you for taking the time to access our site and support Khyra and her families own personal journey to finding balance, health and happiness.

Values and Beliefs:

  • I am part of my community - I Belong!
  • I am Unique and will learn in a way that I can
  • I am Responsible- to our children, to our community members, to ensure that all members feel a sense of belonging and can have their own needs met
  • My health matters! Families caring for children or members with special needs should not give up their health, resources are needed to support the families
  • I Respect- all people and want to ensure we work as a community,  to ensure the wellbeing of our future children and families
  • I Believe we can promote change and make a difference!!!
  • I can- achieve whatever I set out to do; it may just be in a way that is different than your way and that is ok

Objectives and Goals:

  • To obtain funding for Khyra Burgess’s care and support to enable her family to keep her at home
  • To be an inclusive website, providing useable services for all community members
  • To consider the needs of children with complex medical needs, children with gender differences in learning, cognitive disabilities, immigrant persons and all cultural diversity
  • To promote inclusive education and support educators in the success of inclusion
  • To work in collaboration with others in order to ensure the sustainability of Bear Care
  • To provide research based information for families, caregivers, health providers, and educators to promote needed change