” At the age of five, I was diagnosed with optic gliomas- resulting in a visual impairment…”
September 6, 2015
“My heart was bleeding upon looking after Khyra on my first night shift…”
September 7, 2015

“Khyra was actually my first real experience in this line of work…”




I first started looking after Khyra in January 2015 my time was short but sweet and this little lady taught me so much :) I just finish taking the personal support worker course in New Brunswick and moved to Regina Khyra was actually my first real experience in this line of work, honestly at first when her mom told me all her medical history it was a bit overwhelming after a couple shifts the fears I had about working with Khyra went away she is one of the happiest kids I know! My favorite shifts where the ones when I could work a day shift and have play time with her not that we didn’t have any at night time she always tried lol. I miss Khyra I learned so much from her in the 3 months I really don’t think I would have got a more valuable experience anywhere else. I think of her often, I hope she gets the funding she needs to stay home she deserves it xo

Submitted by: Cheryl Leblanc

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