“Khyra was actually my first real experience in this line of work…”
September 7, 2015
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September 10, 2015

“My heart was bleeding upon looking after Khyra on my first night shift…”



Khyra and Cecilia

I can still remember it was year 2010 was my first touch to Khyra with a tender loving care. I was  hired from the Philippines as a night nanny/caregiver…Khyra was only 6 1/2 years old at that time.


My heart was bleeding upon looking after Khyra on my first night shift.. attached to her was a V-Pap to supply for her oxygen, oxymeter to monitor her oxygen saturation and heart beat level..she has a tube feeding to supply her feeds being attached to her G-site.
As I looked at Khyra, I  had a miserable feeling and  tearing eyes…  frankly speaking, it was hard to see a child, with all the medical issues she had to endure, at such a young age of 6 1/2 years old…

I had to wake her up at 7:00 in the morning if she’s still sleeping and so she can take her daily bath and do her morning care, clean her G-site and belly button, give her medicines and dress her up for school..she had her small black bag where her feeding bag is being placed, and her backpack wherein her all emergency medicines and equipments are placed for emergency cases, all to be brought to school.
The school bus used to pick her up at 8:15 in the morning with the nurse/attendant to assist Khyra inside the bus in going to school and drop her at home after class with her nurse or attendant in the bus. When she arrived home she used to play on her blue matt in her living room until her mom Terry came home from work, as I was taking care of Khyra of her  until mom arrived home.. Khyra enjoys playing with her Ipod, musical toys, and loves to watch her Netflix in her favourite section, Cartoons… She is always enjoying watching cartoons with full blast smile and laughter as you can tell she’s really happy.

Inspite of all the challenges, Khyra is still lucky to have a loving and caring mom who is very strong and continues fighting for everything.. There are times when Khyra has seizures and is so sick, when everybody  is worried about her… I used to sit on my chair, near and at the side of her bed observing her and the oxymeter, monitoring  her unstable oxygen saturation levels and heart beat  and also making sure her oxygen mask was always attached to her airway..There are times she had some sleepless nights,  when she’s sick… My heart goes out to this girl..OMG what a miracle child she is, I always salute to this kind of girl for being so strong and a great fighter, inspite of her sickness… Terry,  her mom is a very strong kind of woman too, in taking care for her child Khyra with these kinds of challenges in life.
I always include this girl Khyra in my everyday prayers that she will be blessed with good health until she grows old..
Khyra I won’t be tired of taking care of you my girl and I promise and shout to the world I will always love you..

God bless you always and your whole family.

Submitted by: Cecilia Bayot


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