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January 29, 2015
“I started looking after Khyra when she was about 2 years old…”
August 26, 2015

Bear Care: Community Sharing Centre


The blogs will cover the following categories.

Share your stories about Khyra. We’d like to compile stories so that one day we can maybe publish them.  We have had amazing people working with Khyra and we’d really like to hear your stories.  Khyra is nonverbal, so we have always relied on trusting people to help Khyra have a voice.

Share your own story, have you loved and cared for a child with disabilities? We feel that we can learn from each other and support one another.

Share inclusive education ideas.  Email or share great links, resources, ideas.  I will compile them, sort them, research some, and create a resource page full of supports for families, schools, health services and universities.  If we work together, I feel this page can really be a useful tool in the future, full of strategies and resources.  I’m thinking I will take the resources and make them easily accessible to all.

Siblings:  If you have a sister or brother with medical needs or special needs, then here is a forum for you to connect with other siblings.  We learned that our children felt that very few people understood what they were going through.


  1. Stacey Nault says:

    Reading Khyra’s story made me tear up of a similar journey with my son Stevie. It’s a sad reality…these amazing children do have short lifespans, as my 8 year old boy passed away June 13, 2015. As a family we are beyond ourselves with grief, however our grief started long before our son died, because as parents we also were struggling to keep our son at home with his family. The gut wrenching lack of financial, emotional and medical supports is a fact and responsibility no mother should carry. However as a mom, I was similar to Khyra’s mom…in survival mode… to give a happy child… a basic need….a home with family. I am proud to write…. Stevie was at home with family when he died. This is so real… this is so raw… Families with the reality of children with shortened life spans and the reality of more money so desperately needed to keep these children at home. God Bless.

    • bearcare says:

      Thank you for the CD’s Stacey, I will take a look at them this weekend:) I’m proud to have such a supporting community.

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