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September 10, 2015
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This recent quote in a post by Jim Murray got me thinking…

“I have a close associate who is 30 years younger than me. He works with me because in his words: “You know all kinds of shit that I don’t. I want to learn all that.”

— Jim Murray





I am similar to the associate who is quoted here. I have learned through experience that if I have someone to work with who has more experience and expertise than I do in certain areas (where I am certainly deficient), that that will give me everything I need to get what I want done.

The article discusses the typical younger persons in communications who are too egotistical to appreciate the value of experience.

I am not typical because I know what I do not know. I never bite off more than I can chew and thus, rarely feel rejection.

This is where, in reading the article, I realized this may be a problem!

I am well aware of the people who came before me and how helpful they are and have been to me in achieving success because I started my career in a field that demanded aged wisdom. I found that you needed to look old, be old and act old.  It wasn’t about maturity or wisdom (although I believe that would have been the original intent) but about looking the part.

This was 1995.

The Internet and digital marketing was little used to what it is now and the primary means of marketing was interpersonal relationships.  Not to mention, youth was shunned by many.

Any success I had came from mingling with the wise and begging for advise.  Why? Because I was young and knew very little.

Today I feel old and know very little. Ha!  I’ve come a long way.

I have a friend Bishop Trevor Walters, and he is a brilliant man.  He has the ability to speak into my life in a profitable manner so I welcome his efforts.  He recently asked: “David, do you ever do anything that could fail?”

Mouth agape, I was speechless.

I seem to shy away from all things that would involve risk.

How could this be when I’ve ventured into so many areas.   I believe it’s because I measure risk to the finest detail and then proceed only when it is likely a sure thing.

I hate to fail.
I’m afraid to fail.
And now, because of this, I’m failing.

So much for bravado.

Is maturing, in my case, taking on this risk?  Am I playing it too safe?

Well, I decided that it was time for change.  This wasn’t a Walter Mitty moment of crisis per se, but then maybe it was!

So, I was off;

I went mountain biking and didn’t die.

I flew in a small plane and landed on a grass runway.  Still alive!

I told my wife that I felt vulnerable and embarrassed in certain occasions and she didn’t laugh or leave me.  ALIVE!

I think this is life.

Another brilliant friend, Howard Espie said to me that: “Observed behaviour is an invitation to changed behaviour.”

I can receive that.

The more I face my fears, the more excitement is available.

Facing my fears leads to facing excitement.

It is a new day as I finally measure risk less and live more.

The wisdom of many from my past and the boldness of a few in my present, assure my success in the future is certain.

Grace and peace to all of you,



David D’Silva is an writer and storyteller.  After 20 years in the business world he is authoring pertinent articles that speak to everyday life. David has won awards for excellence in business, and his specialties include adding a personal touch to customer service, managing great people so they feel like a partners not employees, being a solid spokesperson, coaching and being someone you can rely on when you’re on a tight deadline.  He leads well.

After spending close to 40 years in Regina, SK., he, with his wife Heidi, loaded up their young children Rosario, Brahm and Esaias (and a giant schnauzer Kya) and moved to a grooving windy metropolis, Lethbridge, AB.   They love to learn, run, jump, play and on occasion eat great tuna poke.

David is available to write and bring your company’s story and products to life.  He can be reached for speaking engagements, lectures, or other teaching and writing opportunities at the following:

Entrepreneur & Storyteller
PH: (639) 571-7157
Twitter: @dso2004

Submitted on September 25th, 2015, with permissions to share:) Thank you David!!!

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